Lough Corrib


Lough Corrib is a vast lake of 41,600 acres. It is many shallows and contains hundreds of islands. The water is very clear and it holds a good stock of trout which average about 1 1/2lbs. Fish in double figures are often taken by trolling.

Fly fishing is highly effective throughout the season. Early spring can produce some exceptional fishing when the first chironomids (duck fly) arrive. This is followed closely by olives which give some exciting top of the water action, which in turn lead the way for the prolific mayfly hatches known throughout the world. During the warm summer months, we chase the wild elusive brown trout as it is feeding on caenis early in the morning and sedge patterns late into the evening. Autumn arrives, and the fish move to deeper water to feed on a plankton like organism called Daphnia. This can make for some exhilarating wet fly fishing. The opportunity is also there to troll for large ferox trout which can exceed twenty pounds in weight. The Corrib also has a reputation for some of the biggest pike in Europe, many fish in excess of thirty pounds are taken every season.



 We here at Corrib View Lodge have boats positioned in various locations on the lough, so that you don’t spend your day travelling by boat to reach the areas that are fishing best. Due to the nature of limestone Loughs, like Lough Corrib, the trout here are fast growing, extremely healthy, and hard-fighting. It would be very hard to find more stunning surroundings than Lough Corrib, with it’s hundreds of islands, miles and miles of rugged shoreline and rolling hills.


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